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Bike Cleaning & Lubrication

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Keeping your bike clean is vital for top performance and function. A good strip down and wash will do wonders for keeping your ride in top condition. We've got all the cleaning products you need at ProBikeKit. From the famously well-named brand, 'Muc-Off', to more traditional cleaning methods, our products are guaranteed to fight dirt and gunk that builds up on your bike.

How often should I be cleaning my bike?

After each ride, it is a good idea to lubricate and wipe-down your bike. Even on those hot, dry summer days you can get dust building up, which over time can become harder to remove. If you're riding 3-5 times a week, then maybe just lubricate and wash your bike twice a week, with one of the washes being a 'light wipe down' and the other being a 'full service'. If you're giving your bike a good wash at least once a week with regular use, it can go a long way in keeping it ticking over smoothly. In all honesty; who doesn't love the look of a clean, shiny bike?

Keep it clean

Our range of bike cleaning products includes brands Muc-off, Finish Line and Assos. With cleaning products and tools such as chain lube, chain cleaning machines, work wipes, mats and brush sets. 

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