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Road Bike Wheels

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Road bike wheels are possibly one of the most underrated, crucial parts of your bike. With a good set of wheels you can really customise your ride to your needs, choosing aerodynamics over weight or clincher wheels over tubular, it's what makes the customisation of bikes so great; you're building your machine.  

Road bike wheels at ProBikeKit UK

Buying your road bike wheels here at ProBikeKit UK is a great choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, you'll quickly notice we stock a wide range of professional cycling brands such as Campagnolo, Fulcrum, Mavic, Reynolds, Shimano, Zipp and more.

Besides this, at ProBikeKit UK we provide you with only the best prices and unbeatable value, there's just simply no reason to look elsewhere, if you're not sure about which sort of road bike wheels to buy, have a quick read below.

Clincher or Tubular wheels?

Long has the debate stood between tubular and clincher wheels, which is better? And do we have to choose speed or practicality? Well while the divide isn't as big as it used to be, there's still very much a significant difference. So which is it to be? Well that depends entirely on your needs.

If you're looking for a stable, durable tire that performs well in training as well as racing, then go for the clincher wheel. The clincher wheel is an all-purpose system designed to be simple and easy to repair quickly and hassle-free for all levels of rider. Using these wheels you'll be able to rely on them time and time again, knowing that if you come across a puncture it's no mean feat to quickly flip on a new inner tube. Clincher's are the go-to wheel for riders putting in serious training volume, who need to know that they aren't going to be off the road for hours repairing punctures.

So why would anyone need to buy a tubular wheel if their tyres take longer to repair and aren't as easy to changeover? Simply put, it's all about the speed...

Tubular tyres are held to the wheel by glue, and so can take days to dry and mould properly, so they aren't for the casual rider or even for most experienced, frequent cyclists. They are for special occasions such as races or important club group training days. The main reason for this is the speed. Tubular tyres less prone to punctures, due to their lighter weight and the range of pressure settings that can be chosen. They can help serious riders hit top speeds, but once they pop, you better be prepared to either change over the wheel or prepare to spend a while fixing it. It's for these reasons that the pros use tubulars and most of us without a spare wheel and team car service stick with the clinchers!

It's still really difficult to choose, you say!

As mentioned earlier, the gap is closing between the two types of wheels, and it doesn't necessarily mean that all tubulars are a hassle. Nor does it mean that all clincher wheels are slow, with their professional use on the rise, a lot of wheels are bridging the gap.

You'll find an extensive collection here at ProBikeKit UK, so feel free to browse and find your perfect road bike wheels!

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