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Backpacks & Kit Bags

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The perfect bag is a must for cyclists travelling with equipment, whether it's a map, compass and a digital camera, or just a spare change of clothes for end of the ride. Choosing a bag depends on what you'll be putting in it and what type of cycling you'll be using it for. If it's for longer distances, you may want a bigger bag that can fit more in, but at the same time, a longer distance could be a reason for a smaller, more lightweight bag. It's definitely worth taking the time to think about when and where you'll be using your bag and what for. We've put together a couple of suggestions below:

The messenger bag

The messenger bag is a popular choice for city riders and commuters. With its fashionable design and everyday look, this style of bag can be a great choice for on and off the bike. The main attraction of the messenger bag, besides its looks, is its functional versatility. Most come with an internal laptop compartment for easy, secure storage. In fact, a huge emphasis is often placed on compartmentalisation in general with messenger bags, and you can be sure there will be a special place for smaller items in your bag.

The rucksack

Are you a weekend explorer? Then the rucksack could be the best option for a rural ride to unknown territory. Steady and secure, the rucksack will keep all of your gear close to your body and strapped up tight. These can also come with laptop-specific compartments, but with more emphasis on security and safety for the more hardcore rides.

Speciality bags and kit bags

At ProBikeKit, we also offer speciality bags and kit bags, including waterproof phone cases and tyre bags. These are great for transporting specific equipment on a ride, to allow full usage of the required item without any damage.

Bags can be lifesavers on a ride, proving to be the perfect companion for your gear, so have a look at our range below and find the right one for your rides.

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