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Cycling Nutrition

195 results

At ProBikeKit UK, we have a huge range of cycling nutrition and energy supplements which have been specifically selected to meet the needs of cyclists, runners and triathletes. Not only do we offer leading brands such as High5, Torq, Etixx, SiS and MyProtein, we also offer you amazing discounts and prices! 

Cycling nutrition falls into two different categories: energy and recovery nutrition. Energy, not surprisingly, is what you'll need before your ride and during, and recovery nutrition is of course the supplements you take post-ride to kick start your body's rejuvenation process.


Our range of energy products includes: energy gels, energy bars and electrolyte tablets - everything you need to keep you going on your ride. You can shop energy supplements here.


Recovery nutrition is just as important as energy. Often shunned in favour of a piece of cake or nice pasta, recovery shakes containing whey protein and carbohydrates can do wonders for your body immediately after your ride. A good hearty meal is important after your training, but don't forget that shake first to kick start the process while you get cleaned up and cook your food. You can shop our range of recovery shakes and supplements here. 

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